Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Last Note on Fashion

One of the things I find very odd about Fashion Week: it sounds like it would be great fun to be a runway shooter, perched at the key viewpoint, firing away and then quickly filing all the images for distribution to the world. Strangely, though, every runway shot I've seen this season looks more-or-less identical. And by coincidence I've spoken recently to two people who do exactly that kind of shooting -- and gotten the impression that the goal is in fact to provide that generic set of shots.... That's why the check gets cut. Still, it brings up an interesting question: what would a unique eye do with the runway situation?

I've seen some interesting "behind the scenes" coverage from Martin Fuchs and there have been books like Runway Madness. Yet I've never noticed any alternative take on the basic premise: a dress is paraded down a runway, seated people on each side. Click.

Are there no other ways to shoot this?

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