Thursday, September 13, 2007

From the "Ah Well" File

I'm told my Hunter Continuing Education photography class won't run this time. Not enough enrollment. (I'm not sure why they moved it from Friday to Thursday, since it was enrolling enough on Fridays. That end-of-the-week feeling was something I enjoyed about the class, and I assume that others looked at it the same way -- a creative outlet early Friday evening seems fun.)

Maybe it's time to re-write and restructure that class anyway -- my initial idea was that there was already a basic "how do I use my camera" class, so it became a class about creating your first project portfolio: learn control of your photography technique, find a topic, and create a portfolio of images on that topic. Have fun while doing it.

Perhaps, however, the nature of things has changed. DSLR cameras have become omnipresent, almost, and online sites have become the main place where people present their photos. So, maybe something else makes more sense. What would the Art Students League be like if it started today? Or any of the camera clubs that started in the first half of the twentieth century?

I'll have some time to think about that, I suppose.

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