Monday, November 19, 2007

Photography in the News

Any photography-related stories in today's news?

Well, there's this:

Kidman tells court she feared death during car chase with photographer

"Nicole Kidman was so scared by a photographer who chased her car across Sydney almost three years ago that she crouched down on the back seat and burst into tears, afraid of an accident like the one that killed Diana, Princess of Wales, the film star told an Australian court yesterday."
And this:

US seeks charges against AP photographer in Iraq
"The U.S. military will recommend criminal charges in Iraqi courts against an award-winning Associated Press photographer it accused of working with insurgents, the Pentagon said on Monday."
And, from the Maldives, there's this:

DRP Whitewash Fathin Finger To Photographer
"Aneesa said several colleagues had told her a "distorted" photograph of the Government MP, who is also a deputy minister, had appeared in the press. She said the photograph had been tampered with, complaining, "it has become common practice to malign Government officials and DRP members."

But the photographer, who does not wish to be named, has responded fiercely to the allegation that he doctored the photo. "It’s a 100% untrue. Look at the photos taken before and after, the scene outside the Majlis building is identical. Its not been faked at all.""

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