Sunday, November 18, 2007

People Paparazzi

Well, now that we have the news from the Maldives squared away, the question remains: who are these photographers who spend their days taking the pictures of people who don't want their pictures taken?

Apparently, now the answer is: everyone, all the time.

Everyone Wants to Be Taking Pictures

"In the two years since prosecutors in Los Angeles threatened to file felony conspiracy charges against photographers engaging in dangerous tactics, and started monitoring them more closely, complaints of egregious illegal conduct, like assault, trespassing and reckless driving, by paparazzi have decreased, said William Hodgman, the head deputy of Los Angeles County district attorney’s target crime division. But now, Mr. Hodgman said, celebrities are followed by more celebrity news media and what some photographers call “people paparazzi,” which has reignited the pursuit. “The celebrities don’t feel any safer,” he said."

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