Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adobe Photoshop For iPhone

Above: I took a snap of a micro pumpkin patch on 89th Street this evening. It was a great opportunity to test out Adobe's Photoshop for iPhone.

Here's the process: I clicked on the Photoshop icon, and it asked if I wanted to take a photo or use an existing image. I chose the image, then used the crop tool to take out some unneeded detail, turned the saturation slider to plus 10, turned the exposure adjustment up a little, and chose to exit and save. That's it. The photo appeared in my phone's photo library and was ready to post. The original is at left.

It's a very simple app, it's free, and it does the basics. Not bad at all.


Chris said...

Thanks for sharing. Not sure how I feel about all of these photo apps. To me, the beauty of iphone photography stems from it's limitations. If I want to take the time to edit a photo, I might as well shoot it with my DSLR so I have a high quality file. What are your thoughts on that?

Ted Fisher said...

Well, I too like the straightforwardness of iPhone photos.

But I think the Photoshop app is useful -- I may have a photo that is meant to be informational, and needs a little repair to be seen properly.

So I expect I will continue to just snap with the iPhone and post a quick version via Twitter -- but I can imagine times (especially when traveling) when one might want to work the photo a little.

Maria said...

For those of us who aren't DP's or photographers, seems like a good way to enhance photos I take with my iPhone. Thanks for sharing the free app. "Free" always catches my attention.

Chris said...

Yes, the part about it being free is nice. Also, you make a good point about being able to repair images with the app. Still, there are many iphone photographers who boast about the simplicity, and instantaneous nature of the phone. Meanwhile, they layer the images with vignettes, high contrast, saturation, etc. Seems like a bit of a contradiction.