Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Summertime Seriously

Thursday night is the last session of my six-week Seriously Fun Photography course through Hunter College Continuing Education.

(Don't worry -- there's another session that starts May 28th and runs to July 2nd.)

Last term there was talk of starting an advanced version, but the idea only became official right before the registration deadline, so we ended up with too few people signing up. It was a relief, actually, since I had a lot going on right then and would have been a little stretched to start a new class. If anyone's interested in the advanced version, let me know via email or comments or the T-word. (Umm, "twaiku.")

Who's "Seriously" for? If you've got to the point where you can shoot your DSLR (or advanced compact) and get the photos on the computer, but you're looking at them and wondering how to get control of making those images, then it's for you. If you have mastered control of aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity and all that those settings might effect, and you have your creative ideas flowing, you might need to wait until I get the advanced class rolling....

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