Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Followup to the Followup

A nice overview of the ASU screening by Cassandra Nicholson, the Phoenix Film Examiner.

ASU Art Museum Film Festival Showcases National, International Talent

"The second of two New York City submissions came from Ted Fisher in his light-hearted documentary, “12th & 3rd in Brooklyn,” which focused on a group of men known as “Brooklyn’s Best.” Their annual stickball match holds historical, cultural and familial connections for them, as it is held every year on the same street where they played the game as young children."
The first New York submission? Bill Plympton's "Santa: The Fascist Years." I just love Plympton's films, so it's an honor to be in the same program.

(Of course, please note, it's not just my film -- it's co-directed by Maya Mumma and Iris Lee also.)

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