Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photography in the News

Fantastic post by the NYT's Moises Saman on photographing in Iraq:

Hide the Camera

"Through most of the eight hour journey we were not able to get out of the car, making it really frustrating for me as a photographer, as we passed some incredible scenes that would have made for very interesting images. When we approached checkpoints I would hide my camera in the back seat, under a newspaper, or between my legs trying not to look suspicious to the policeman or soldier glancing inside the car.

"Photographing in this kind of situation is tricky. Sometimes I did not even have the opportunity to raise my camera to eye level and look through the viewfinder, instead shooting from the hip or at arms length. I usually work with two cameras and two fixed lenses, a 35mm as my widest, and a 50mm, but in some of these situations one camera is enough. I rarely use any longer lenses."
Follow the link -- the photos are outstanding.

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