Friday, February 01, 2008

Shocked, Shocked I Say

I speak with a lot of photographers by phone. I don't know anything but their names, usually, but that's fine: they have questions about photography, I have answers. Or at least a different take on the questions.

Recently I had a call and was in a discussion about lenses when I realized that the photographer was trying to get a start as a paparazzo. He'd been showing up and joining a pack of photographers who were, he said, chasing Lindsay Lohan. He described two high-speed chases around Southern California, and -- while I'm sure he was a nice guy -- when the call ended I wasn't exactly reassured.

So I find this an interesting article:

Paparazzo quits over hounding of Britney

"The paps are completely out of control," Mr Stern, 43, said. "It's not unusual to have 20 or 30 cars pursuing her at any one time. It's become acceptable to drive at 80mph down the wrong side of the street into oncoming traffic. I was horrified at what goes on. It's so aggressive, there are fights and crashes and slashed tyres. I felt I needed to say something."

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