Friday, August 17, 2007

Made in USSR

This is my 1965 Zorki-6 rangefinder. In response to all the cell phone photographs I've taken lately, I thought it might be time to shoot a few rolls of film....


GotArt? said...

hello !!
i got the same camera , i found it at my father's place and took it to the photograph and he fixed it for me , i'm really not familiar with antique camera like those but when i googled it i really wanted to know more about it and to take photos with it ! i feel so refreshed about taking pictures with that kind of camera !!

i want you to tell me more about this camera bein a documentary filmmaker, artist, photographer !! thank you very much in advance !

Ted Fisher said...

Well, the best info on that camera is from Fedka -- see:

I think the best thing to try with it is to use the "Sunny F16 Rule" and shoot a roll of film to get used to it.

See my post on that at: